Home Inspections

A Thorough Home Inspection is Critical

With many, many of experience, our home inspections help both buyers and sellers understand exactly the condition of a house. We include at least the following items:

Infrared or Thermographic Scan of the Home

by scanning the home with infrared or thermography, we can detect places where there may be inadequate insulation, air leaks, and a number of other construction issues with the home. 

Roof, Vents, Flashings, and Trim

by thoroughly inspecting the roof system, we can determine whether there is any current damage to the roof, and whether there are repairs that are needed.  We can also determine if there are significant leaks, potentially causing damage within the home. 

Gutters and Downspouts

When gutters are not draining properly, there can be significant amounts of water running down the fascia boards of the home.  Improper downspouts can mean erosion, or even water running back underneath the house, causeing extensive damage. 

Skylight, Chimney and Other Roof Penetrations

Skylights can be beautiful, or a disaster, depending on how they are installed.  Inspecting these and other items on the roof, can help you better understand where there may be problems.

Decks, Stoops, Porches, Railways, and Walkways

These components of a home can reflect a sizable investment.  By carefully inspecting them, it is possible to understand and possibly avoid massive repair bills.

Eaves, Soffit, and Fascia

We thoroughly inspect all exterior trim, particularly the eaves, soffits, and fascia.

Grading and Drainage

Water can be the single biggest problem for a home.  Therefore most of our inspection is focused on ways that water could potentially enter and damage the home. 

Basement, Foundation, and Crawl Space

Is the basement flooding?  Or is there standing water in the crawl space?  It’s important to be aware of how well these systems are performing in your home. 

Water Penetration and Foundation Movement

Where there is a foundation moving, or water penetration, there are big problems.  An experienced inspector can help you avoid these headaches. 

Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and Cooling systems are one of the most expensive systems in your home.  Make sure that they are properly maintained and that they do not have significant problems!

Main Water Shut Off Valves

Are you able to access these shut offs, and do they work properly?  

Water Heating System

Where is the hot water heater located?  Does it have a drain?  Is it in good condition?  A failing hot water heater in the attic can flood the entire home. 

Interior and Exterior Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets

Is your plumbing in good condition, or do you have leaking faucets and toilets?

Drainage Sump Pumps with Accessible Floats

Is the sump pump working correctly?  

Electrical Service Line and Meter Box

Is the electrical service line, and box up to code?  Are there significant deficiencies?

Main Disconnect and Service Amperage

Does your main disconnect work?  Is the electrical system working as designed?

Electrical Panels, Breakers, and Fuses

Are all panels, breakers and fuses in good working condition?  

Grounding and Bonding, and GFCI’s and AFCIs

Is your electric system properly grounded?  Do you have the correct types of circuits installed in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and laundry rooms?

Fireplace Damper Door and Hearth

Does the fireplace have a functioning damper door?  Is the hearth in good condition?

Insulation and Ventilation

Does the home have proper ventilation and insulation?

Garage Doors, Safety Sensors and Openers

Does the garage door function correctly and safely?  

And Much More…

We inspect all major and minor systems in the home.  When appropriate, we also do other types of inspections.

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