The Long Term

The focus of a commercial inspection is usually much more on the major systems than the interior cosmetic issues.

If the carpet is a bit worn in a commercial inspection we will note it but it is not normally a focus. You will likely want to know what you will have to spend money on now or in the near future on this investment.

With commercial inspections, we stress the industry standards for life expectancy. These can vary greatly depending on the system and the quality of the original construction but, generally speaking, the industry standard for electrical systems is this: if it is approximately 50 years old or older it is time to upgrade it.

The lifespan for plumbing is approximately 40-60 years, depending on many variables. Commercial roofing usually involves flat roofs. These, for the most part, last approximately 10-15 years. Heating and AC systems that are roof-mounted have approximately 15-17 years of expected life. The structure is the biggest variable. These can last from 70-100+ years depending on many factors.