Pre-Purchase Inspections

Inspect the Home Before You Buy!

Purchasing a home is usually one of the largest single financial investments most people make.

As with any investment, one needs to learn as much as possible about the potential investment before purchasing.

A professional inspection presents the facts, both good and bad, identifies safety hazards, areas that need immediate repair and areas that need to be monitored. Property inspections also provide preventive maintenance information to protect your purchase and make you a more informed consumer.

Some large buildings/homes and older homes may present many complicated systems that need very detailed inspections.

If needed (or desired) we may also bring additional experts (when needed) to ensure you are fully informed. These include a licensed electrical contractor, licensed mechanical contractor or other professionals to do more detailed analysis of unique specifics. As an example, with older buildings we may recommend “scoping” the drain system (using a remote camera) to ensure all conditions are known. If these types of enhanced services are needed just let us know.

If we suspect hidden issues we will let you know, then bring in the right people for further review.