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Home up for inspection

Top Reasons Your New Home Still Needs an Inspection

Many new home builders will tell you that the new home you are buying is being inspected by their 53,000 point process and that they follow the highest building standards out there. The homes are also inspected by home inspectors during the construction process.   That means you should be good, right?  Not necessarily.   I have…
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Eight Surefire Signs You May Need a New Roof

Whether in winter or in summer, during stormy weather or sunshiny days, all homeowners have the same concern. How much longer will my roof last? How will I know when I should consider replacing mine? And are there any warning signs so I can be prepared so I’m not caught off guard?  The good news…
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Part 2: Water: Your Home’s Worst Enemy

As previously mentioned your homes exterior wall penetrations are the next opportunity for leaks and damage.  The windows and doors installation methods will determine how intensive your regular maintenance will need to be to be effective.  The rule is water should be prevented from getting behind the walls cladding (siding) but even much more important…
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Average Home Inspection Cost

A home inspection is much more valuable than the price you pay. Don’t let anyone tell you that a home inspection is not necessary when you are purchasing a home. It can help you avoid purchasing a MONEY PIT and save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. It can also be a valuable tool…
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Water- Your Home’s Worst Enemy

Water that falls from the sky, seeps through the ground, a shallow water table and/or sanitary sewage that does not flow as intended all can lead to the worst problems any homeowner can face. These problems range from, attracting unwanted pests and other nasty’s, to creating an environment that encourages mold or other unwanted bacterial…
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