Eight Surefire Signs You May Need a New Roof

Eight Surefire Signs You May Need a New Roof

Whether in winter or in summer, during stormy weather or sunshiny days, all homeowners have the same concern. How much longer will my roof last? How will I know when I should consider replacing mine? And are there any warning signs so I can be prepared so I’m not caught off guard? 

The good news is that there ARE some signs you can look for that will tell you your roof may need to be replaced soon. Some are pretty obvious and others are small red flags. One thing is for certain and that is a great roof provides a much needed peace of mind for homeowners, so they should be taken seriously and checked often. 

So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Pay attention to your roof today and don’t wait until something happens and you have to replace it. Be proactive. Check out these warning signs and feel free to contact us if you would like someone to come and take a look at your roof. 

The Obvious “In Your Face” Signs:

  1. When Twenty Years Old is “super old”. 

Let’s not beat around the bush. If your roof is getting super close to that magical twenty year mark or is well past it, you likely are treading on thin ice. It’s now time to consider replacing your roof so that you can rest easy in the coming days. 

  1. Leaks. Water INSIDE your home = NOT a good sign. 

Rain can be lovely and refreshing for your lawn, for your plants, and for the earth in general. Not so much for your living room or kitchen floor, am I right? If you have any leakage inside your home, it’s possible you have a roof problem. We can come and check it out for you. That’s what we’re here for. 

  1. Streakers. Water streakers, that is. Though the other kind isn’t good either. 

Let’s talk about streaks, stains, fungus, and mold. Ewwww. If you are noticing streaks of yellow or brown along your roof, walls, or in circles on your ceilings, you may have an issue with water build up, which means you may have a roof issue. Same goes for fungus and mold or spots on your ceiling that are damp to the touch. All of these are not issues in and of themselves but may be signs of a larger problem and it’s best to call a professional to come and check it out. 

  1. The SAG. (No, it’s not a dance or your next door neighbor.)

Sagging. It’s a thing. If you notice obvious signs of your ceiling sagging inside your home, (bulging and dampness) there could be a serious problem. If water is getting inside your home, then there could be an issue with your roof somewhere. You may even be able to spot obvious signs of your roof sagging from outside your home. Both of these cases would need to be checked out by a professional. 

The Little Red Flags:

  1. Let the light shine in. Just not through your roof.

 This red flag isn’t as easy to spot. You’ll need to go up and take a look inside your attic on a sunny day. Look to see if there are any streaks of light shining through where it shouldn’t be. Even small beams of light coming through your roof could be problematic and you may need your roof repaired or replaced. Remember. Light coming in through your window? Good. Light coming in through your roof? Bad. 

  1. Shingles MIA. Missing Shingles. Shingles that are no longer there. 

If your roof is missing shingles anywhere, then water can get in and cause moisture to gather beneath your roof and cause larger issues and damage to your home. If you are missing shingles in your “roof valleys” where water and snow are funneled off of your roof and towards your gutters, then you can also end up with major issues. 

You should also be sure to check for missing shingles after large storms, hurricanes, and so on. A single missing shingle could cause water damage to your roof and home. 

  1. Curled, Cracked, and Buckled Shingles. They’ve been through a lot.

Another surefire sign of a roof in need of replacement  is cracked, buckled, curled, or otherwise damaged shingles. Trapped moisture, improper installation, defective shingles, and more can cause this issue all of which can damage your roof and your home. A professional will be able to look at your shingles and tell you if you have a problem and how to take care of it. 

  1. When shingles shed. Shingle bits and pieces in your gutters. 

Shedding Shingles. Shingles that shed. Sounds like a tongue twister in the making! Check your gutters regularly. If you find bits and pieces of granules coming off of your shingles, it is a sign that your shingles are old and deteriorating. This is another sign that you might need to consider the possibility of needing a new roof. 

Now that you have read the warning signs, both obvious and not so obvious, it’s up to you as a homeowner to keep tabs on the condition of your roof. Your roof protects your home from the elements just as your home protects you and your family in the same way. It’s only smart to be on top of things when it comes to keeping what you hold most precious safe and secure. A good roof is key to that safety and security. 

So, if you think that the home of your dreams might have these problems give us a call, and we’ll be happy to come out and do a home inspection for you.